The Growing Path : Wujiang Fuhua Weaving Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Taihua New Materials Co., Ltd.. (hereinafter referred to as Taihua new materials, stock code: 603055.SH). Since its establishment in the 1980s, the groups listing has gone through five stages: Begin with trading, industrial development, resource integration, transformation and upgrading for more than 30 years. It has group the fabric , R & D, weaving and finishing as one large textile enterprises.
Fuhua group currently has Wujiang Fuhua Weaving Co., Ltd. , Wujiang Fuhua Fabric Co., Ltd. , Wujiang Fuhua Finishing Co., Ltd. , Suzhou Runyu Textile Co., Ltd. , Suzhou Fuhua Safety & Protection Technologies Co., Ltd. All belongs to the listing.

    Since Fuhua has been established at the beginning of this century. The history can be divided into four stages----Commercial starting, Industrial expansion, Resources integration, Restructuring and upgrading. Fuhua has developed into a large-scale chemical fiber textile enterprise group in Fabric research and development, weaving and finishing. 

      The company has a complete industrial chain and  scale advantages. We are actively committed to the development and application synthetic fiber fabrics of  science and technology, fashion, function and environmental friendly, and wholeheartedly provide  high-quality products and services for international  and domestic partners.
    Main product:Ultra thin, high-density nylon fabrics;  Comfortable, elastic, cotton feel fabrics; Safety and  protective fabrics , high robust, high performance  fabrics ; Low carbon environmental friendly fabrics.
   Product applications:covered clothing, outdoor equipment, home textiles, emergency rescue, special protection, military, work wear, industrial textile and  many other fields.
    The sales region: Mainly distributed in domestic,  Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and other markets.

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